Lover Pretend Introduction

based on the PV and the latest B’s Log i decided to make a small post about the game!!


Official site:

twitter: @LP_otomate

DIRECTOR: Aoki Hiroe (VitaminX Destination)
Producer: Iwata Shinobu (Director of Reine des Fleurs and Wand of Fortune, scenario of CollarxMalice , Variable Barricade and Hiiro no Kakera)

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I’m back?

after 4 years of not posting anything, i decided i should post on this blog www (mostly thx to lockdown im very bored)

i will probably write up a review about Olympia Soiree when i finish, since im enjoying this game a lot!


random update?

as some of you might know i finished with my translations for Haginosuke in Ayakashi Gohan, right now i’m just wondering around and helping a icchibanketsu fan page to do translations. some small update in games i will get, i’m really excited for a lot of games but the wait is killing me. ;w;

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June update

hi whoever it is reading my post, i have said that i had 3 more scripts to finish and my leader came up to me telling me someone else will finish off the last 3 so i can take a break (coz i worked super hard and deserves a hug), so depends on how fast that person translate.

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Kenka bancho otome- Konparu Takayuki

Konparu Takayuki (CV: Aoi Shouta) the strongest first year stoic Yankee who doesn’t talk much and wouldn’t waste his time fighting for the “Top”, someone Onigashima Hikaru had to beat in order to become the first year top.

If you are reading this without reading the common route review then go and read it because I’m not gonna include much common route details. SPOILERS undercut!!

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