Omega Vampire CG 2 translation


I stared at the photograph of my family that was displayed on the desk.
Since when I lost my parents, I’ve been living along but… it was a bit different from a normal family.
My parents are both male. I have 2 father…it’s commonly referred as the “double-daddy family”…It’s a unusual family.
When you ask why such a thing has happened…The people who know knows it, i will expain later.


Omega Vampire CG 1 translation


I tried to get up… and I realised.
My whole body can’t move…Only through my blurry vision I was able to see several packs of drip infusion hanging.
From there tubes were connect to my body. Slowly my vision became clear…
Yes… I’m in a patient’s room.
My body were wrapped in bandages…is bandages the reason of me not being able to move freely.
What if the only remain is from neck and up…for one sec I thought about something horrifying…
The heartbeat tells me the existence of my whole body.

Nurse? ‘He regained consciousness…? …Doctor…doctor!!’
Someone who was watching from the side leaves the room in a rush.

??? ‘Is that true!!’
The person who received the report, the owner of the voice’s footstep sounds approaches.

??? ‘Keiichi! Can you hear my voice…?’

Keiichi (This voice…is…)
(It’s senpai…Aoi senpai…He rushed me to hospital…)
(Aah, I’m…still…alive. I want to say something…)
I was desperately trying to say something to senpai….